The Early Years (Attendance)

The first attendance recorded for a Wednesday match was recorded for the Cromwell Cup Final at Bramall Lane in 1868. During the early years of football there were no official attendances, so the press published estimates, which could vary wildly (in fact only in 1925 did the Football League start collecting official data). The Cromwell Cup Final attendance was recorded as 400 by the Sheffield Independent and 600 by the Sheffield Telegraph. The first really big attendance was for the first Sheffield Challenge Cup Final (at Bramall Lane) which saw between 6 and 7 thousand fill the stand and crowd the lines.
This was twice the size of the F.A. Cup Final between Wanderers and Oxford University, and was bigger than any F.A. Cup Final until the Blackburn Olympic win of 1883.
Largest Crowd at Bramall Lane

Around 7000 for each game
1877 SFA Challenge Cup Semi-Final v. Exchange
1877 SFA Challenge Cup Final v. Heeley
1878 SFA Challenge Cup Final v. Attercliffe
Largest Crowd at Olive Grove

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