Acknowledgements - Sheffield Wednesday F.C. History Acknowledgements Acknowledgements - Sheffield Wednesday F.C. History
A posh way of admitting all the things I've cribbed, nicked or borrowed to make this site plus a brief rationale. My interest stemmed from the Keith Farnsworth "A Complete Record" but most of my research involved lots of eye-straining in the newspaper reader room of the local studies library in Surrey Street. I started to build up stats related to Sheffield Wednesday's early years and slowly got drawn into the history of Sheffield football and the history of football in general.
My research is nowhere near complete (as anyone with the patience to work their way through the site will notice) and when it is complete I'm not sure what I'll do with it. From the start it was really just a personal project, but using a website gave me a good reason to rationalise my research and present it in a half decent way. I could have waited until I had completely finished, but that's a good year or two down the line and making it accessible to other people (even if only a few people ever see it) forces me to at least make it readable and that will make it easier to pull together at the end.
The point is there are lots of gaps and unfinished pieces which is the way it is meant to be. I'll keep a record of changes on the UPDATE page but don't expect things to be perfect. This ain't Football365 you know!
With any luck it will start to get more wordy over time and I'll put up an image gallery as well.

The recent Wednesday stuff is there because (as you may have noticed) I am an anorak and I like to see the statistics of the past few years. The Wednesday Archive is a brilliant place to start - but it ends in 1995 and so I thought I'd like to pick it up there and add what I can.

If you stop by and have a look, enjoy yourself and if you are interested keep coming back because there'll be something new weekly.

Plus I'm happy to answer any questions about the site or football history in general.

Andrew Drake

Here are the other books from which I have gleaned information.
Football in Sheffield Percy M. Young Good history of football in Sheffield. Slightly better in early history the Keith Farnsworth's book.
Sheffield Wednesday A Complete Record 1867-1987 Keith Farnsworth Statistical History of Wednesday's league days.
Sheffield Football A History Volume 1 1857-1961 Keith Farnsworth A History of Sheffield Football concentrating on Wednesday and United.
Wednesday! Keith Farnsworth Good history of Wednesday.
One Hundred Years at Hillsborough Jason Dickinson Excellent book. Split nicely into year by year narratives - pity it doesn't cover the pre-Hillsborough days.
The Code War Graham Williams Best early history of football but organised in a slightly irritating way.
The Romance of the Wednesday Richard Sparling Nice old history of Wednesday - now available as a reptrint.
Non League Bob Barton Stats on all major non-league leagues including those no longer in existence plus many other details relevant to non-league football.
Non-League Retrospect 3-2 Books Excellent magazine dedicated to football history.

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