In the season that Sheffield United came into existence Wednesday continued their rise. Having withdrawn from Sheffield Association competitions Wednesday gained victory in the Gainsborough News Charity Cup with a victory over Burton Swifts at Olive Grove.

This season saw Wednesday knock in over 150 goals in all competitions, including 13-0 against Park Grange, 11-0 against Ecclesfield, 10-1 against Sheffield Club and 10-0 against Doncaster in the GNCC.

There were more troubles amongst the troops as Ingram went on strike against Sunderland over payments. Wednesday refused to budge and Ingram quickly returned to the team.
Friendlies 41 29 3 9 139 51
FA Cup 4 2 1 1 7 7
GNCC 4 4 0 0 22 1
Total 49 35 4 10 168 59

venue att score h.t.
19-Jan Doncaster Rovers Olive Grove 2500 10-0 W 7-0 Supposed to be previous Monday but Rovers couldn't raise a team.
26-Jan Gainsborough Trinity Olive Grove 4000 4-0 W Late start because G.T. caught an excursion train.
25-Feb Grimsby Humber Olive Grove 1500 4-0 W 2-0
1-Apr Burton Swifts Olive Grove 4-1 W 2-1 Cups and medals presented by Alf Kirk of Gainsborough Trinity
FA Cup
2-Feb Notts Rangers Meadow Hall 4000 1-1 D
9-Feb Notts Rangers Olive Grove 6000 3-1 W
16-Feb Notts County Olive Grove 7000 3-2 W
2-Mar Wolves Dudley Road 6000 0-3 L
2-Sep Birmingham St George's Cape Hill 1000 4-9 L
8-Sep Notts Forest Olive Grove large 2-2 D
12-Sep Doncaster Rovers The Intake Ground 3-1 W
15-Sep Witton Olive Grove 3000 5-2 W
29-Sep Derby Junction Olive Grove 3000 3-1 W
1-Oct Park Grange Sheaf House meagre 13-0 W
6-Oct Sunderland Newcastle Road 9000 1-2 L
13-Oct Leeds Association Olive Grove 6000 6-0 W
20-Oct Notts Forest Gregory Ground f.large 3-1 W
22-Oct Halliwell Olive Grove good 0-1 L
27-Oct Notts Rangers Olive Grove 3000 8-0 W
3-Nov Ecclesfield Olive Grove 400 11-0 W
5-Nov Sheffield Olive Grove 400 10-1 W
10-Nov Lincoln City John O'Gaunt fair 6-1 W
17-Nov Derby Junction Derby not bad 0-1 L
19-Nov Heeley Olive Grove large 2-0 W
24-Nov Birmingham St George's Olive Grove large 5-2 W
8-Dec Derby St lukes Olive Grove large 4-0 W
10-Dec Preston Olive Grove 2-1 W
22-Dec Gainsborough Trinity Northolme 1200 1-1 D
24-Dec Lincoln City Olive Grove 2000 5-0 W
27-Dec Staveley Olive Grove 1-3 L 0-3 Higgins/Ferguson of Derby County. Only 1 hour because of rain
29-Dec Newcastle West End Newcastle 1-0 W 1-0
31-Dec Clyde, Glasgow Olive Grove 1-2 L
2-Jan Halliwell Halliwell 3-2 W 2-1 no details
3-Jan Hearts Olive Grove 3-0 W
5-Jan Gainsborough Trinity Olive Grove 1000 1-0 W 35min each way because of dense fog
12-Jan Newton Heath Olive Grove 2-1 W
4-Feb Sheffield 3-1 W
23-Feb Sunderland Olive Grove 3000 1-2 L Ingram goes on strike for more money.
5-Mar Aston Villa Olive Grove 3000 2-1 W Ingram cheered onto the pitch
18-Mar Heeley Heeley 1500 3-0 W 2-0 J.Hunter played for Heeley on a visit from Blackburn.
23-Mar Witton Witton 1-0 W
1-Apr Burnley Olive Grove 1500 3-1 W 2-1 Wednesday charged 6d
1-Apr Blackburn Rovers Olive Grove 1-1 D
6-Apr Heeley Olive Grove 1500 9-1 W 1-6 White/Parkin(reserves) - Heeley played with 10 men for last 20 minutes.
19-Apr Preston Preston 0-2 L
20-Apr Newton Heath Newton Heath 6000 2-1 W
22-Apr Crewe Olive Grove large 5-2 W
23-Apr Staveley Olive Grove 2000 3-0 W 3-0 For the benefit of the Wednesday Pro's
27-Apr Burnley Burnley 0-5 L 0-0 Dungworth so ill he had to retire at half time

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