Sheffield Wednesday F.C. History

This site is dedicated to the history of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

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It is about four years since I updated my website on BT, because I never seemed to have the time to faff about with FTP programmes (plus I forgot all my passwords).
The best way seemed to be, start again, and a wiki seemed the perfect place to do it.
After I have finished moving over stuff from the other site, I can update the records and start some new projects.

Since I started this website (on its original site) Wikipedia has grown to be an unrivaled source of knowledge on the internet.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, where Wikipedia does a better job than me (or has already done a job I was planning to do) I have simply borrowed the information (with appropriate acknowledgements).

I reckon this is only fair as, looking around Wikipedia, there is a fair amout of my research which has gone in the other direction.

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